How to Hypnotize Your Audience

How to hypnotize your audience

5 hypnotic techniques to enrapture your listeners

Hypnotize Your Audience

The first thing any good hypnosis trainer will tell you is that to be an effective hypnotist, you need to be confident. That way you inspire confidence in your subject and they are free to relax with you.

The same is true if you want to hypnotize your audience when presenting. First, you need to inspire confidence in them, and to do that you need to be free of anxiety.

And when I talk about hypnotizing your audience, please forget the clichés of watch swinging, cluck-like-a-chicken merchants. I’m talking about the hypnosis of life.

Help your audience leave the room

When you hypnotize someone you get them to “leave the room” as they “travel” along your narrative within their mind.

You achieve this by focusing their attention so intently that your words start to have a real effect on their experience – both conscious and unconscious. A skilled hypnotist can help you change the workings of your immune system or blood flow with their words. Think what effect you could have on an audience you are looking to influence.

So why do I talk about “hypnosis” when describing the effect a great presenter has?

Hypnosis and the art of presenting

Hypnosis involves:

  • Narrowed Focus
  • Disassociation
  • Learning

Any presenter will agree that you want to be compelling enough to focus your audience on what you are saying. You want them disassociated from their environment and concerns so that they travel with you to other times, places and possibilities. And you want them to adopt, at least for a while, new ways of seeing reality.

Hypnosis in therapy is so powerful because it helps people learn new ways of responding to life so that low confidence, phobias or addictions no longer trip them up. When you present powerfully you focus your audience’s attention so narrowly that the nature of their learning becomes hypnotic rather than merely conscious. This kind of learning feels a lot more profound for people. But there are different kinds of audience trances..

Avoiding the boredom trance

If you are uninspiring then your audience may certainly psychologically “leave the room” not by following your ideas but as an attempt to escape your talk. They might start to imagine what they’ll do later, what they’ll cook for dinner, or their upcoming social arrangements. They are disassociated but not in the way we want them to be. There are specific techniques to compel your audiences in just the right way.

Crowd hypnosis

The greatest public presenters will captivate audiences with their words and gestures. They’ll use expectation, language, story-telling and “future pacing” which means they’ll implant ideas for their listeners to act upon in future. This is all hypnotic. Hypnotic speakers don’t just give the facts they will give their listeners an experience that will change the way they feel, think or behave. Hypnotic presenting appeals to the part of the mind that the greatest pieces of poetry or music do. In fact truly world beating public talks have a real rhythm.

The poetry of presenting

The best speeches like the best hypnotic inductions have a kind of trance rhyme to them which draws you in and makes you forget anything other than the speech. Listen to Sir Winston Churchill on YouTube

He uses repetition, emotive words, he paints a picture of a positive future beyond current hard times but he doesn’t lie to his listeners by pretending things are going to be easy. He connects what is important to his listeners, he evokes strong images. And like the language of storytelling or even epic myth he talks about avoiding an oncoming “Dark age” by fierce, proud, brave and collective struggle.

In some of Churchill’s speeches his language is almost confusing which is a favourite hypnotic technique too as it”ties up the conscious mind” and appeals more directly to the unconscious which absorbs it often before the conscious mind has untangled it : “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” He says when talking about the heavily outnumbered RAF men who fought the famous Battle of Britain. We know what he means without following the logical thread of the statement.

If you want to be more hypnotic to captivate the attention of your audience then you might like to put these following tips into action (which are expanded in the new 10 steps to powerful public speaking course)

  1. Pepper your speech with words that appeal to feelings.
    Words that people have to “go inwards” to connect their personal meaning with are called nominalisations and they are hypnotic. These are words like: “Powerful, beautiful, love, wisdom, strength”…and so on. Make sure these kinds of words fit with what you are saying but they will produce more of a response than more “concrete” type words.
  2. Paint pictures in your listeners’ minds by overlapping their senses.
    When we hypnotize someone we are seeking to give them a dream-like experience. And of course we dream in pictures, but also sounds, sensations, tastes, and emotions. If you are telling a story in your speech about something that happened to you tell them what you saw, felt, heard, tasted and so forth. This makes it so much more evocative. “I went to the mall and saw a fight” doesn’t draw you as much as: “I was heaving a heavy shopping bag through the mall when I heard a sickening scream, I turned and saw two huge guys trying to mug an old lady who karate kicked them to kingdom come – you could almost smell their fear…!” Be descriptive. Which reminds me…
  3. Tell stories. Even if you are delivering a speech about molecular biology there are stories to be told – tell them engrossingly.
  4. Use your voice to fascinate. Sometimes speed up and sometimes slow…down… a bit. Not all the time or else you will annoy but think about the importance and relevance of your words. When it’s a point you feel is important, slow down a bit and occasionally you can even talk the calm, slow delivery of a real hypnotist.
  5. Use unexpectedness. We go into hypnotic trance when we relax but also when we are startled, surprised or even shocked. Great speakers use humor because it can be hypnotic. Humor surprises you – a punch line has a “punch” because it causes surprise. Hypnotists (especially of the stage show variety) will often use “shock “to fast track subjects into hypnotic trance, so be a little surprising here and there to keep your audience focused, then refocused. This technique when presenting is startlingly powerful.

In the end, it’s all about the emotion

Study the effect communication has on people. Just the bits of sound we call “words.” It can make them angry, weep, be prepared to go into battle and change their life infinitely for the better. Words don’t have to be “just words.” Hypnotise your audience to help them feel something real when you speak.

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Hypnosis to Improve Confidence

People are often described as “naturally confident”, as if they were born that way, and perhaps this makes you feel that you weren’t and can’t develop your confidence.

Confidence, in truth is not fixed. It is true that some people do develop more outgoing, more confident personalities at a younger age, and this is why we often think of confidence as a character trait which is genetic / inbuilt, rather than something you can learn.

However, this is simply not the case.

Even if you are currently shy and introverted, if you struggle socially – you can develop your levels of confidence.

With Help from Hypnosis

Improve Confidence Hypnosis CD / MP3

Hypnosis is a simple and natural way to increase your confidence.

Confidence is a mindset. The only difference between yourself and these people who are “naturally confident” can be narrowed down to two main areas:

Firstly, your patterns of thinking. For example the way you contemplate socialising, about networking and meeting people, about presenting and public speaking, about voicing your thoughts and opinions – whether you concern yourself with, or take pleasure in many of these activities can have an enormous effect upon your amounts of confidence.

Then there are your self beliefs. i.e. your feelings about yourself, whether you observe yourself as someone who is comfortable with yourself or not. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy in that if you think you are self-assured then you will be more outwardly confident So a shift to more positive self thinking, will in reality lead to you starting to be more confident.. which will lead to more positive self thoughts and so on. It becomes a true favorable self fulfilling prophecy.

Hypnosis simply works to help you in these 2 basic ways. It can ultimately instil within you more positive self beliefs, and a lot more positive patterns of thinking that will naturally rewire your mind to make you more confident. It genuinely works to give you the same kinds of thinking as these naturally self-assured people, so that you will think confidently, and become more confident too.

Try it by yourself with a brand new, natural approach using this improve confidence hypnotherapy cd


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Law of Attraction Hypnosis

Law of Attraction

You have probably heard of the law of attraction, you have probably even tried to use it, however apparently fewer than 1 in 100 get the result they are looking for..especially if it is their first time trying.

Often the absence of success in the law of attraction is basically because it is an abstract concept as everyone is unique, and we all have different patterns of thinking, different upbringings and beliefs.

In amongst all of these possible reasons for an absence of success there is one general one – belief.

Even those people who get excited about it,who really want to believe it, and who see the logic that whatever we concentrate on most we end up bringing into our lives, even these people have limiting beliefs which hold them back.

Apparently this is why only one in a hundred reach their dreams

Law of Attraction Hypnosis CD / MP3

This is one reason why so many people are embracing hypnosis for help in their law of attraction mission.

Hypnosis can help target your subconscious mind and re-program your limiting thinking and questions throughout. Like this your lack of belief in the law of attraction will be re-programmed.

Hypnosis will replace your doubts for a, belief in the law of attraction, and a simple, unshakeable faith that you can focus your mind in your wishes and have them become a reality.

Hypnosis is more customarily used in things like slimming, stopping smoking, and confidence etc, but now there are new albums being published by a new hypnosis audio company called Natural Hypnosis which are specifically adapted to the law of attraction.

Look through their entire collection of law of attraction hypnosis albums here:

Then you too can gain an advantage and align your unconscious mind to your conscious law of attraction dreams and completely wipe out any doubts at the source!

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The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis Review

Conversational HypnosisCovert hypnosis or also known as conversational hypnosis is the ability of an individual to deviously communicate to another individual’s unconscious mind without even noticing this communication. This powerful conversational tool was first discovered by Dr. Milton H. Erickson in early 1950’s.

He believes that hypnotism can be an effective therapeutic remedy for those individuals who are suffering from extreme psychological problems. Since the introduction of hypnotism in the society, a lot of individuals attempt to learn on how to hypnotize people. However, details regarding the step by step process of learning hypnotism were not revealed by Dr. Erickson for the reason that some individuals may use it in a negative way.

As the years passed, a 37 year old Austrian has made a name for himself as a world-renowned master hypnotist in the field of hypnotism. Igor Ledochowski is a lawyer who has given up his profession in order to focus on Conversational Hypnosis. He was the first hypnotist who have released a complete audio course about covert hypnosis which said to be the number one best-selling course world wide.

He was also the author of the book The Deep Trance Manual vol. 1 which is a book for the beginners on hypnosis. It talks about the skills, techniques as well as the secrets of conversational hypnosis that an individual can apply in order to induce deep trance states of the unconscious mind of other individuals. As he carefully studied Dr. Erickson’s concept of covert hypnosis, he discovered that Dr. Erickson was only using the semi-covert hypnosis method on his subjects which requires a few sessions for it to be effective. Because Igor wanted to use the complete covert hypnosis, tests regarding converting semi-covert strategies into an under-conscious-radar strategy were conducted by Igor.

Positive results were made and he concluded that by using the complete covert hypnosis, hypnosis can now take place anytime, anywhere during normal conversation without being noticed by the person involved or any bystanders. His learned methods was then applied and put up into his home study course, entitled, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis which is said to be the number one best-selling home study course in the world. It contains 12 sections of discussions regarding the step by step secrets of conversational hypnosis in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply manner. Since hypnotism became popularized, critics have given outstanding reviews of
The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, for it is not only applied for personal reasons, but also as a therapeutic tool in curing extreme psychological problems such as anorexia, alcoholism and phobias.

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Hypnosis with Francesca

Hey Guys! In this video I hypnotize the lovely Francesca. This is a quicker session than normal but she was a great subject to work with. Enjoy! Have a suggestion that you want to see? Leave…


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Blueberry Transformation Hypnosis

This was both my hardest video to script and the strangest request I’ve gotten so far, but I think I did a good job with it. As the title says, the video is designed to transform someone into…


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