what is the easiest way to hypnotize someone?

Question by w00tmaster deluxe: what is the easiest way to hypnotize someone?
I wanna hypnotize my girlfriend and get her to tell me the truth.

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Answer by Your Assistant
That is not a reason for hypnotizm and is really on the verge of being criminal. You can drug someone or get them so drunk they talk and do anything to them, that does not make it right, neither does it make hypnotizing someone to get facts out of them right, it is abuse, psycholocal abuse and I would check my thoughts on that one.
You must be very paranoid in your thinking, untrustful of that person, and have a low moral compass to ask that question, so what I say is, if you cant find it in yourself to trust this person, stay away from them, and if I were her, I would not trust you.
Your assistant

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